Fast and Flexible Penetration Testing Distribution.
Powered by Arch Linux and Students.

CynuxsecurityOS is Arch Linux based Penetration Testing Distribution made for beginners. Based on Arch Linux, CynuxSecurity is the advanced penetration testing distribution. Our repository contains 0 packages selected by our community. Packages that can be install individually or in groups. CynuxSecurityOS is compatible with existing Arch Linux installations. For more information, see the installation instructions. Updates will be present in blog. CynuxsecurityOS is a community effort, feel free to join! To report bugs and request new packages, please visit the issue tracker on Github stop by IRC, or email us. The CynuxSecurity Live ISO contains multiple window managers. Check out the screenshots.

Latest News

Mirror in US

Wed, Feb 10 2021

ISO and OVA release

Wed, Jan 20 2021


CynuxSecurity linux is backed by a team of volunteers. Some of them have chosen to appear in the following list.

Name Nickname E-Mail GPG Key Role
Argenestel Argenestel [email protected] 0x41414141 Developer, Creator
groot groot [email protected] Developer, Torrent Master
Hall of Fame

CynuxSecurity linux stands on the shoulders of giants. This is a list of former Developers & Contributors without who CynuxSecurity linux would not be what it is today.

Name Nickname Former role